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Fursuit Prices

All suits are carefully crafted with care. These prices are a base and will be range depending on complexity of characters


Head: $800+

All heads includes:
-static jaw
-3-d Follow Me eyes
-Plush or 3-d printed teeth
-plush Tongue.
All heads are fully lined.
Price will increase with the following:
-Complex designs
-Markings (Tiger stripes, spots, etc.)
-Extras such as horns, extra ears, spikes, etc.
-Any Jewelry add-ons such as Ear-plugs, hats, earrings, or jewelry.



Head and Tail: $800*+
  • This is subjected to heavily vary depending on the suit complexitiy.​

Mini Partials: $1100+
-Includes Head, paws, and tail

Partials: $1300+
-Includes Head, paws, feetpaws, and tail

Deluxe Partial: $1400+
-Includes Head, hand paws, armsleeves, and feet paws(indoor/outdoor)

Mini Parital.jpg


Regular Handpaws: $100+

Puffy Handpaws: $150+

Arm sleeves: $100+

Outdoor Feetpaws: $180+

Indoor Feetpaws: $250+

Nub Tail: $40+

Medium Tail: $60*+
  • Prices will vary
Large Tail: $80*+
  • Prices will vary
Floor Draggers: $120+
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